We have been through five major renovations/additions but no one comes even close to Tyler in smashing all expectations.  He has an exceptional sense of design and a fine eye for detail.  He takes every challenge in stride and is a pleasure to work with. The finished product he delivered is stunning. Quite simply, Tyler is in a league of his own. 

- Bob P. 

Tyler's craftsmanship is second to none. His intellect is evidenced through his well thought out un-complicated solutions to complicated problems. We have recommend his services to both family and friends on many occasions.

- Tom & Erin


We recently renovated our main bathroom and kitchen with OTG Construction. 

They have a clear commitment to quality work and customer satisfaction. This starts with Tyler but extends to his core team and the trades that he uses. A general contractor is only as good as the employees and the trades who work for him. Tyler has done a masterful job in assembling his team. He seems to have a knack for finding top notch people with very cost-effective prices. Everyone who participated in our renovation had the same positive, calm, ‘can-do’ attitude that he leads with. 

Tyler was very helpful in the design stage providing experienced feedback on our ideas, anticipating potential problems and suggesting options that had not occurred to us. Inevitably we included almost all his suggestions. He good-naturedly worked with us on multiple tile choices and counter tops options. He knew when to tolerate our unique taste and design ideas.

During the construction phase we were very pleased with the opportunity to tweak minor items like electrical outlet/switch placement which made a big difference to the utility of the space. When some trades could not meet the original schedule, Tyler’s network allowed him to substitute equally capable people. An aggressive timeline was adhered to even though it was the busy pre-Christmas period. Any of the minor issues that arose were unequivocally dealt with to our satisfaction.

Most people describe their renovation experience as stressful and a relief when completed. Ours was just the opposite – we had complete confidence in Tyler. When it was complete we missed the near daily contact with him and the group of fine young men he brought into our house. 

We couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of the final product and actually enjoyed the whole experience!

- John M.


Our renovation in Westboro was extensive – we didn’t live in our house for the first 6 months after we bought it. We felt very comfortable with the ambitious undertaking, knowing the fact that Tyler was managing the renovation project, and we knew it would be worth the wait! The final results were stunning. Tyler is attentive to finishing details and was a pleasure to work with.  We are extremely happy with our newly renovated home!

- Carolyn & Phil L.


Renovations can both fun and stressful at the same time. But having the right person for the job makes everything go smoothly.

To start our journey, my husband and I would like to think we did our duty in looking for the best contractor for our basement renovation by interviewing 5 potential candidates. When we were down to 2 contractors (OTG being one of them), our final decision was based on the following: professionalism, compatibility with my husband and I, and simply the right fit (did the contractor see and understand our vision).

Even before Tyler gave us an estimate, he got all of his subcontractors (plumbing, HVAC, electricity) to come to our house and meet us, all at the same time. Tyler did a walk through with them and explained our vision. You could see and hear that they had worked together before, and that there was mutual respect between disciplines. What we loved about this is that they all knew or had an idea of what the other was doing. So, when the time came to do the job, there was no surprise with the work or the estimate since all the contractors had seen what needed to be done.

Tyler also gave us homework. He suggested we go out and pick out items we wanted like the flooring, the carpets, shower and tile before the estimate so we could budget for all these things. That gave us an idea of what was out there, and made decision–making less stressful as we were prepared. Whenever we raised concerns, Tyler was accessible and would come over to talk them through. Communication and trust in your contractor, coupled with their experience, are key when taking on these kinds of projects.

Overall, we had an amazing experience with Tyler (OTG). Our basement is beautiful and functional, and we always get compliments on the workmanship whenever we show our basement to guests. We love it, and the kids love it!  We use the space as it was intended because it’s exactly what we had envisioned.

We look forward to working with Tyler and the OTG team again on our next project.

- Renée and Steeve J.


I highly recommend OTG Construction.


Tyler and his team are extremely talented, professional, organized, considerate and kind. They all pay great attention to detail and take immense pride in their work, which means that the end product is most definitely the best around. 

Tyler and his team were always quick to respond to my questions and consistently went above and beyond in providing valuable and thoughtful insight and advice. I one hundred percent trusted the entire team in every aspect and was not disappointed once during the renovation. 

I have received, and continue to receive, endless compliments on the work that they did in (and outside) my home. I am so grateful that they made themselves available for my renovations – they completely transformed my new house into a beautiful, cozy, and impeccably up-dated home. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to work with Tyler and his team.

- Kate W. (and Thomas, Jeep and Gus)

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