Established in 2009, OTG Construction has made it their mission to ensure all construction projects are completed with creativity and care. Originally standing for Off The Grid, OTG continues to excel with experience in new home building, renovations and additions in central Ottawa and the surrounding areas. OTG Construction believes in going above and beyond to exceed our homeowners’ expectations and bring their vision to life. The core values of OTG Construction ensures that clients are provided with honest, fair and organized projects from start to finish. And with extensive knowledge of the Ontario Building Code, clients can feel at ease while their project is underway, knowing that OTG values high project standards and good communication.

With our team’s combined experience of over 85 years in the industry, OTG Construction’s high quality workmanship, dependability, and meticulous care makes it easy for our work to speak for itself.

Tyler Galaski


General Contractor

Tyler has been in the Ottawa construction industry for over 20 years. Working on-site at a young age, Tyler also gained experience in the fine craftsmanship of stairs and railings. As an experienced contractor, he works with client’s ideas and visions to turn them into a reality. With dedication to work quality, integrity, and an acute attention to detail, Tyler takes immense pride in his work and believes that it should speak for itself. His goal is to assist homeowners in having a home with personal expression, which he does by fully understanding their vision. Tyler ensures that communication and understanding are maintained through the entire project, from the primary designs to personal style and budget. He strives to go above and beyond in every project to provide exceptional results and service.

Outside of work, Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and young children, playing hockey, and spending time in the great outdoors every chance he gets. 

Dave "Relic" Galaski

Site Foreman

Originally from Southern Ontario, Relic has been working in construction for over 40 years - which he says is too many to count. Relic takes pride in his extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and versatility in projects. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning from Carleton University, two years of Fine Arts training and three years in computer education, Relic can confidently be described as a man of all trades with his many years of experience in trades and variety of educational certifications. Relic’s role at OTG Construction is the site Foreman, where he currently oversees the workers on sites to ensure that tasks are handled in a timely fashion. At the end of the day, his goal is to complete tasks efficiently and provide high quality results. 

In his spare time, Relic enjoys painting and spending time with his grandchildren.

Jeff Beauregard


Site Manager  

Despite growing up in Ottawa, Jeff has lived across Canada from Montreal all the way to Vancouver and British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. With over 15 active years in the construction industry, Jeff has worked on new home construction and renovations for both modern and heritage homes from coast to coast. His many years of experience make Jeff well-versed in all steps of the construction process, with a specialty in tile and substrate preparation and installation. As a perfectionist, Jeff takes great pride in his work. His mission is to deliver the most durable, functional and aesthetically pleasing homes for his clients. With his eye for design, Jeff keeps balanced by staying on top of up and coming aesthetic and architectural trends while continuing to build his knowledge on classic styles as well.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics from the University of British Columbia, it is not surprising that Jeff’s personal interests include physical activity, strength training, exercise physiology and nutrition. 

Allen Hull


Construction Hand


With 10 years of experience in the construction industry, Allen has a wide range of skills from demolition to the finer details of projects. Originally from Kemptville, Allen has a diploma from Algonquin College in Welding and Fabrication, and also has many Canadian Welding Bureau qualifications. Allen believes in the importance of teamwork and continual learning in his work. He takes an enormous amount of pride in his work, and his end goal is to always produce a finished product that goes beyond client satisfaction.

Allen enjoys spending his spare time outdoors with his two dogs, Luxy and Merlin, as well as playing stand-up bass for his Bluegrass band.

Heather Curran

Director of Operations

Ottawa has always been home for Heather. She began her career with a diploma in Medical Office Administration, working with natural health professionals. Her experience dealing with the public while they were in need of care has ignited her compassion for others and passion to help people. With her keen sense of organization, excellent communication skills and ability to establish productive and positive client relations, Heather is a perfect fit to be OTG Construction’s Director of Operations. She oversees all aspects of OTG Construction to ensure all projects stay organized and on track. Heather is happy to be your go-to person for anything you may need. Her goal is to provide enthusiastic and exceptional customer service while making clients happy by finding creative solutions to any issues that may occur. 

Heather enjoys spending time with her family, playing the guitar, going to comedy shows and telling anyone who will listen how awesome her rescue dog, Jade is.