Here at OTG Construction, we are passionate about taking your design ideas and turning them into a reality. We give you many options including working with our team for the design process or with your team if you can provide us with your required documents.

The first step in the design process is a complimentary consultation, where we get all the information we need from you regarding your project and its ideas. We will provide you with professional guidance and suggestions to ensure that you have multiple options to consider to make the most valuable choices for your home design project, including making the most out of your home for your own living experience and increased resale value for the future. The goal is to make your project both functional and aesthetically pleasing so it can be enjoyed for years to come.

Once your project begins after the consultation, our team will have enough information we need from you to be able to work with engineers and architects to turn your ideas into drawings so you can go from something that once only existed in your mind to a tangible plan. Design elements can seem overwhelming to some, but we are here to make the process as smooth as possible for you. 

At OTG Construction, our decades of combined experience provide us with a keen eye for design and attention to detail will make the entire design process smooth from consultation to construction.