A no-charge, at-home consultation presents an obligation-free opportunity for OTG Construction and you to sit down and talk about what you hope to achieve. Some clients come to us with a vision - some clients need a bit more help seeing the image. 

This is also a great  opportunity to openly communicate all expectations. These include what to expect for finished results, what to expect during the process, and what can be expected from choosing OTG as your contractor.  

The consultation is crucial to begin the project on the right foot as it becomes a wealth of information and positive communication. This is the chance to brainstorm design and style ideas, to walkthrough the current home and see any areas that may need further information (such as structural review), discuss any obstacles that may come along, and to take measurements. 

We are here to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. It is an opportunity for OTG Construction to see what you envision in your home and to get a true sense of what style and design route we should pursue together.  

Tyler and Heather work as a team together during these consultations. While he takes the lead on all design and structural questions, Heather takes meticulous notes and creates a running task list. She then follows up the meeting with an email and a meeting summary document. The document is to be reviewed by the homeowner when possible to ensure that everything is clear and accurate. It also provides a chance to add anything that may have been forgotten during the consultation. It will have clear directions on next-steps and a to-do list for both the homeowner and OTG Construction. 

Heather is adamant that this high level of communication and follow-up from OTG Construction is provided throughout the entire project – from initial consultation to post-project follow-ups.