Make Room


Sometimes we just simply need more space in our home - it happens all the time for many different reasons. It could be that your family is growing, or that aging family members are moving in, or that maybe now is just the right time. Whatever the reason, OTG Construction is here to help.

Starting with a complimentary consultation, OTG works through obtaining permits, the design process and managing all other aspects of the project. OTG ensures all necessary steps are followed to protect your current home, and to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involves. 

Our goal is to take a complex project and make it straight-forward for our clients. We are there to be counted on and can be trusted to turn to for education, clarification and answering any questions and concerns. The end result of providing clients with newly customized additional space that they had a hand in designing has inspired us to continue making others just as happy with the end result of their project.